Winners Innovation Awards


Category GREEN

apr-dinner-for-winner-green-1-faurecia 1st: Faurecia (joint with Johnson Controls)
Innovation: NAFILean™ is the first serial application of injected natural fibers reinforced polypropylene resin. It has been introduced on the door panels of the new Peugeot 308, and is 100% validated for a wide range of automotive interior applications, especially Instrument Panels. CAMISMA project, (Carbon Amid Metal based Interior Structure using Multi material system Approach)
Winner Category GREEN 1 1st: Johnson Controls (joint with Faurecia)
Innovation: CAMISMA project, (Carbon Amid Metal based Interior Structure using Multi material system Approach).
In the CAMISMA project, Johnson Controls’ Automotive Seating division – in cooperation with a consortium of partners from the plastics (Evonik), fiber (Toho Tenax) and automotive supplier (HBW Gubesch) industries, as well as the University of Aachen (RWTH) – developed a multi-material system based on an intelligent combination of three material systems that enables a sustainable, high-performance, lightweight structure with a very attractive manufacturing cost. The three material systems include a new, cost-effective, nonwoven carbon material, thermo-formable carbon fiber reinforced tapes and metal inserts that, in combination, make an integrated structural seat component.
Winner Category GREEN 2 GKN 2nd: GKN Driveline
Innovation: GKN has developed the world’ first two-speed e-transmission for electric and hybrid applications. The company has integrated the innovation into an electric front axle drive module for the groundbreaking BMW i8 plug-in hybrid supercar.
Winner Category GREEN 3 Honeywell 3rd: Honeywell Turbo Technologies
Innovation: Design process and realisation of a „Monoblock wastegate“ for wastegated turbochargers.

Category SAFE

Winner Category SAFE 1 Arcelor Mittal Tailored Blanks 1st: Arcelor Mittal Tailored Blanks
Innovation: Hot stamped one piece door ring
The Hot stamped door ring is already industrial and currently used on 2013 Aura MDX, commercial since mid-2013. It has won several innovation awards in North America. The OEM using it is its best advocate as they are very pleased by the results of its implementation. A second OEM has decided to use a Hot Stamped door ring on one of its best sellers (300 kveh/year), SOP early 2016.
Winner Category SAFE 2 Continental 2nd: Continental (joint with Robert Bosch)
Innovation: Developement of a highly sophisticated one-channel Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) – the MiniMAB – for motorcycles and scooters
Winner Category SAFE 2 Robert Bosch 2nd: Robert Bosch (joint with Continental)
Innovation: Development of motorcycle stability control (MSC), the first „all-in-one“ brake control system for motorcycles to ensure the best possible stability in all riding situations.
Winner Category SAFE 3 Casualplay 3rd: Casualplay
Innovation: Q-RETRAKTOR FIX is the only and first child car safety seat in the market with an automatic locking and adjustment system on the integral harness because of its emergency-locking retractor built-in.


Winner Category CONNECTED 1 1st: Visteon Electronics
Innovation: Fusion is a highly innovative system solution integrating traditional driver information, infotainment and cloud connectivity through a seamless human machine interaction (HMI) experience. The concept allows multiple systems to run side by side in a virtual environment on a scalable hardware solution through multiple operating systems with extended graphics.
Winner Category CONNECTED 2 Texa 2nd: Texa
Innovation: TMD MK3 is a multi-brand product for fleet management and telemobility that is unique, as TEXA was able to integrate in a device that can be connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket a lot of technology: a multi-brand diagnostic module; a 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE telephone module; a 4.0 Classic and LE Bluetooth module; GNSS module; 2 tri- axle accelerometers; a gyroscope; altimeter; a dual microprocessor.
Winner Category CONNECTED 3 TomTom 3rd: TomTom
Innovation: TomTom Traffic is the most accurate, real-time traffic information service available today. Based on the current traffic conditions, it gives drivers highly accurate and fast information for better route calculation (including continuous rerouting) and estimated time of arrival (ETA).