Retrospect 2013


Debut in Brussels: For the first time, teaming up with the Europeans supplier association CLEPA, AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION extended invitations to the “Dinner for Winner” in Brussels.

Dinner for Winner 2013 in Brussels

The main figures at „Dinner for Winner“ (from left): VDA Managing Director Klaus Bräunig, AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION Editor-In-Chief Bettina Mayer; CLEPA President and Bosch Management Board Member Peter Tyroller; CLEPA CEO Jean-Marc Gales; and Arnaud de David-Beauregard, who takes over PeterTyroller‘s presidency at year’s end. Photo: CLEPA/AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION/Veldeman

At the dinner, the highest growth and most innovative companies of 2012, were honored.
As Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of CLEPA und jury chairman, stressed at the debut of this new leading event for the international supplier industry, it is now imperative to battle the crisis affecting the European auto industry since it has been one of the deepest that the sector has lived through in the postwar period. “Now, in particular, the industry must preserve its innovative spirit,” he said.

Dinner for Winner Brussels 2013 Bosch

In 2012, Bosch was no longer the world’s largest supplier in the Top 100 ranking, but it received an award nonetheless. Gianmarco Giorda (left), the CEO of the Italian supplier association ANFIA, presented the Green Tech Award to Rolf Bulander, President, Gasoline Systems, for the next generation of its start-stop technology, called “Sailing.” – Photo: CLEPA/AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION/Veldeman

From the standpoint of suppliers, the best response to the difficult situation is to lift industrial production to an even higher level through new technical developments and thus secure jobs in Europe long-term, he said. This was also the original notion that brought AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION and CLEPA together. Just as the Top 100 reached its 10-year milestone, a team led by AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION Editor-In-Chief Bettina Mayer, and supported by CLEPA and Germany’s VDA, added the “Dinner for Winner” to the Top 100 plans. The Top 100 is a special AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION publication that attracts global attention with its ranking and analyses of the world’s 100 largest suppliers.

Denso advances to the supplier summit

Based on the Top 100, the Spanish company Gestamp was honored as the best newcomer, Toyoda Gosei as the company with the greatest revenue growth, and Ashai Glass as the fastest-growing company among the 100 largest suppliers. In 2012, Denso pushed past Continental und Bosch to the No. 1 ranking and the title of the world’s largest supplier.

But there weren’t merely awards for outstanding developments on the financial side. For the first time, prizes for innovation were awarded as well. In the Green Technology category, Bosch was successful with the second generation of its start-stop technology. Delphi won the award in the Safe Technology category with its combined radar and camera system. There was no award recipient for Connected Technology. Here the international jury considered the number of applications to be too few.

But even with this small distressing note, “Dinner for Winner” still became a major event for the supplier industry and for Brussels, a center of mobility policy. Current CLEPA chief Peter Tyroller, who is going to Shanghai in its new role as Asia chief for Bosch, would no sooner miss “Dinner for Winner” than would his designated successor, Frenchman Arnau de David-Beauregard.

EU representatives also turned out for the event

The guests also included Francisco Riberas, President of Spanish supplier Gestamp, whose growth bucked all the trends; Rolf Bulander, Managing Director of the Gasoline Systems Division at Bosch; Stephen Roser, Senior Sales Director at Aisin Europe; and Friedrich Angerbauer, Executive Vice President, ADAS, at Continental.

The attendees included the major company names such as Bosch, Conti, Aisin, Delphi, Kiekert, Johnson Controls and Goodyear. But there were also representatives of companies present that would not immediately occur to most people. But they still play an important role wherever dynamism, inventiveness and the introduction of innovations are involved. They included Bekaert, Boshoku, Plastic Omnium, MCE-5 Development and Abat+, among others.

With so many industry decision-makers in attendance, there could not fail to be EU representatives present. They included key figures setting the course for the European Union in industrial policy, such as Philippe Jean, head of the EU Committee for Enterprise and Industry; Antti Peltomäki, Deputy EU Director-General for the Enterprise and Industry Directorate, and Olivier Onidi.

In his keynote address, CLEPA President Tyroller described the event’s presence in Brussels as an important step. Brussels ultimately sets the course — so important to the auto industry — for building the future of the European economy. Or not, as the case may be. Tyroller expressed disappointment that the European Union does not provide more financial resources to the supplier industry for research and development. In his view, this would be an important step toward strengthening Europe’s economy and industry.

Antti Peltomäki also listed the EU’s major efforts for the auto industry, but admitted the measures are still not sufficient. Olivier Onidi in turn gave assurances that the Commission would work with the auto industry and for its well-being — and not against it — in the restructuring of the mobility society, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the creation of rules for smart transportation systems.

„Dinner for Winner“ offered a first-class stage for the discovery of this common ground.

The prize winners at „Dinner for Winner“:
Best Newcomer: Gestamp, ranked 32 in the Top 100, revenue: $7.403 billion US
Largest Sales Growth: Toyoda Gosei, +32 percent from $5.098 billion to $6.7 billion US
Fastest Riser: Asahi Glass, 15-position improvement, 92nd place (2011) to 77tj in 2012
Number 1 overall: Denso, 3rd place to 1st place: $44.129 billion US
Green Innovation: Bosch for its start-stop technology
Safe Innovation: Delphi
Special Mention by the Jury: OCTO Telematics

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