AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION, CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) and VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) are pleased to invite you to submit proposals for the Innovation Awards 2014 which will be handed over during the 7 October ‘Dinner for Winner’, the Awards Ceremony and Networking Dinner.

Who is eligible for the Innovation Awards?

• Automotive suppliers, irrespective of size, for Innovations in the fields of “Green”, “Safe” and “Connected”
• The top 3 nominees in each category will be awarded

How are the Innovation Awards attributed?

The evaluation criteria are:
• Originality (e.g. incremental versus disruptive innovation)
• Value Proposition (e.g. cost benefit ratio)
• Impact (e.g. potential for follow-up innovation)
• Delivery (e.g. market adoption)
• Cost saving potential
Download guidelines on the main aspects to be covered under each criterion (ZIP file)

• The jury is composed of a pan-European panel of automotive experts from CLEPA, National Associations, AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION and Imperial College London, Faculty of Engineering

Why should your company apply for the Innovation Awards?

Brand enhancement for the awarded companies
• Press coverage for Award Nominees through highly respected automotive magazine AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION’
• Exposure of ‘Dinner for Winner’ event through communication channels of CLEPA and National Associations

Motivational tool for the awarded companies
• Recognition of employees’ innovation efforts
• Use of Award Nomination in company internal communication

The closing date for submission of Innovation Award proposals is Friday, August 15th.
We would ask you to submit your proposal(s) by returning the application form, duly filled out, to undersigned at

Download application form for the Innovation Awards (ZIP file)